Tableau Desktop Specialist Practice Questions [2023]

About the Specialist Certification

If you’re new to Tableau, start with the Tableau Desktop Specialist certification. The Specialist exam includes 45 multiple-choice questions. But there are no hands-on lab questions on the Specialist exam. Because there are no lab questions, the Specialist exam is shorter than the Data Analyst – you have one hour to complete the exam. You cannot use any outside resources (Tableau or the internet) during the exam.

You can take the exam at home or at a testing center. If you take the exam at home, you’ll need a good internet connection, a clear work area, and a webcam.
Exam fee is $100. Like the Data Analyst, the Specialist uses “scaled scoring” with 750 out of 1000 needed to pass.
The most efficient way to prepare is to practice questions and mock tests. Thoroughly review any questions you get wrong.
If you’d like to learn more, see this post for my experience taking the Specialist exam.

Knowledge-based Practice Questions

The Tableau Desktop Specialist covers four domains. Go through these questions to identify and correct any knowledge gaps.

Full-Length Practice Tests

The best way to prepare for a test is to take practice tests. This free test follows the same format at the official exam!

Hands-on Practice Questions

The Specialist exam doesn’t actually have any hands-on questions, but doing some hands-on questions helps to reinforce skills. This person posting on Reddit tried to take the exam without having any hands-on experience with Tableau Desktop. Everyone agreed you need hands-on experience before attempting the exam!

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